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Random from Commissions or Gifts to Me

Here you can find things I've commissioned or gifts to me from others.

Point Commission: Bubblegum Slush mini-j. doll by LPS100Point Commission: Grape Slushie mini-journal Doll by LPS100


Friends and Senpais

Ych A Gift For You 6 by OddendSilver Romance YCH Commission by Potates-Chanmore gifts by V0idSoul

Friends and Senpais

There is a list of all of my best dA friends! I admire them all for their kindness, personality, and art skills, so be sure to check them out because they need loves~ <3


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Trolls are fun to mess with. 

7 deviants said Because they talk like their opinion is fact.
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:bulletwhite: Lynn "Silver" Price / Female / Canada :bulletwhite:
Skype: silverromance8 (Lynn Price)
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Dusk Journal Doll by RadioactivemantarayDancing Silver Romance Commission by mlpdarksparx:COM: - Dusk Symphony Page Doll~ by XantaL-XGB
Hello there and welcome to my profile! I am Lynn Price, but you can call me Silver. I draw MLP art mostly, I have a number of pony OCs and I also draw customs and adoptable foals for people. I sometimes do pony anthros and very rarely humans, most of the time these will be NSFW, either having nakeds or bondagey things involved. I write a little, make fan buttons and more recently I've been trying my hand at MLP bases.

I am fortunate enough to have the best man in the world by my side, Raver1357. He has been there for me through my ups and downs, and is the entire world to me. He is funny and affectionate and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I don't know what I would ever do without him. You will occasionally see me post works made by him on my account, since his account is more for bondagey things rather than ponies, he uses my account as his pony posting account. He also makes a few smexy pony bases that are posted here as well.
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My to-do list is at the bottom of my page in a custom widget. Look there before asking where you are on the list!

Commissions can be payed for here, or with the Give option at the top of the page.

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So since I can't always have customs open and don't have a lot of time to open customs for a bunch of things at once, I figured to help spread around some of the Longma sub-species that are closed, I would open them to MYO slots. This way they can still stay a bit rare but also so they can actually exist. x3 If you co-own a Longma sub-species with me and would like to have MYOs for the sub-species, just let me know and we can decide on the prices! The MYO prices for those will be split between the two of us. ^^

There is no limit on how many you can buy by the way.
If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

General MYO Rules

1. Please follow the species and sub-species guidelines that are given. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. The Longma species guide is located here;… While the other information you will need for the subspecies will be listed with the MYO information.
2. If you buy a MYO you are allowed to sell the finished product for however much you wish because YOU designed it.
3. You are allowed to buy a MYO with the intent of making it an adoptable to sell, that is perfectly fine with me.
4. Please note me the finish product in before it is posted so I can give it the okay.
5. Please do not make one of these unless you've bought the MYO. If you make one without doing so you can an and will be reported for theft.
6. Each MYO slot is good for one pony.
7. You can use this to turn an existing pony into one of these species if you so please.
8. Prices are subject to change, depending on how popular these become the next wave of MYO slots might cost a little more.
9. If you want something like a Longdizhu or a Longzhuza or even a Longdizhuza, you can combine the MYO slots you buy to make one. So a Longdizhu would cost the price of a Longdi plus the price of a Longzhu.

MYO Longdi [Tartarian Longma] - 5 Slots Left

*CLOSED* Auction: Inferno Circle the Longdi by SilverRomance

Cost: 50:points: Each

"Longdi are sometimes considered a whole different species to the Longma by researchers, but their many similarities have dubbed it a subspecies. They are born the same (to a Dragon and a Pony) and have the same traits, but these also have a few other traits that make them unique. The first and most noticeable are their manes, they are completely made of fire. This strange phenomenon seems quite magical, for it won't burn the Longdi or those it likes. This fire can also seem to take on different shapes, allowing itself to take the shape of a true mane. The wing membrane of Longdi with dragon wings is also made of fire, while for Pegasus Longdi, the outer feathers are made of it.

The second most noticeable trait are the strange rock or metal like growths that these ponies have. It could be on entire body parts, or just in pieces on the body. In some cases they have been known to cover the ponies entire body, giving them the appearance of a pony statue with fire flowing from it. No one knows what exactly these are made of, some seem to be hardened magma, while others seem to have very hard steel, it's different from Longdi to Longdi.

While these ponies are born in Tartarus, they are allowed to leave and come back whenever they please. The reason why Cerberus lets them through is currently a mystery, though some expect the reason to be that these beings we not officially banished to Tartarus, they were just born there. All Longdi can breathe fire, unlike their Longma cousins who can only breathe fire if they have belly scales.

Much like Longma, these ponies have one normal magic trait they can perform if they have horns (either Longma or Unicorn horns). They are also able to perform dark magic without much practice however it does take a lot out of them. A lot of these ponies are wicked creatures, and do not hesitate to use this dark magic, but not all Longdi are bad. Some are actually kind and if given the chance, can be a helpful member of the pony society. These kind Longdi are often not as readily accepted into pony society but if they prove themselves in time, they may be able to make friends."

You can find examples of Longdi here;…

What Traits Can I Use In My MYO Longdi?

-All Longma Traits
-All Longdi Traits
-Up to two sets of Longma horns on the Longdi. (This will allow the Longdi to have two magical spells instead of one.)
-Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn type Longdi. (Longmidi, Longyidi, and Longxidi respectively. Unicorn and Alicorn would have a curved, Sombra like horn, and Pegasus and Alicorn would have Pegasus wings with the outer layer of feathers being made of fire.)
-Zebra, Bat, and Crystal type Longdi, with any mixture of the above three. (Zebdi, Longdibat, and Longshudi respectively.)

What Can I Do With My MYO Longdi?

-Draw it.
-Write about it.
-Breed it.
-Sell it.
-Give it away.
-Pretty much anything. XD

MYO Slots

1: RicePoison
2: FrackkinKraken
3: Sonadowfire
4: MidnightSketches
5: Story-Story

MYO Longzhu [Changeling Longma] - 6 Slots Left

OC: Venom Lust the Longzhu by SilverRomance

Cost: 30:points: Each

Species Guide:…

"A Longzhu is half Longma, half Changeling, and is known to be a fairly rare variant. They can have any number of Changeling traits, from one to all possible traits, and the number of Longma traits corresponding to its generation. A strange thing about Longzhu is that they do not have Cutie Marks in their normal forms, only in their disguised form. Each Longzhu has only one disguised form, this form generally looks like them as a normal pony, and the Cutie Mark on this pony is always the same. The Cutie Mark directly relates to the Longzhu's special magical trait (or talent if they do not have any horns) so for those Longzhu who may belong to a hive that must keep their true idenity secret, they generally have to make up a fake story as to what their Cutie Mark is for. Longzhu will always have either a set Longma horns or a Changeling horn, for this is how they do their Changeling magic. If they only have the one kind of horn, their magical trait will be only Changeling magic. If they have more than one type of horn (one Changeling and one set of Longma, or even two sets of Longma) then they will be able to have up to two magical spells they can perform."

You can find examples of Longzhu here;…

What Traits Can I Use In My MYO Longza?

-All Longma Traits
-All Changeling Traits
-Up to two sets of Longma horns on the Longzhu. (This will allow the Longzhu to have two magical spells instead of one, three if the Longzhu also has a Changeling horn.)
-Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn type Longzhu. (Longmizhu, Longyizhu, and Longxizhu respectively. Unicorn and Alicorn would be a Unicorn horn OR stripes on the Changeling horns, and Pegasus and Alicorn would be Pegasus wings OR hybrid feathered wings which can mix with the bug wings, dragon wings, or both.)
-Zebra, Bat, and Crystal type Longdzhu, with any mixture of the above three. (Zebzhu, Longzhubat, and Longshuzhu respectively.)

What Can I Do With My MYO Longzhu?

-Draw it.
-Write about it.
-Breed it.
-Sell it.
-Give it away.
-Pretty much anything. XD

MYO Slots

1: RicePoison
2: Story-Story
3: Yura-Sin
4: Kittycare-Agency

MYO Longza [Draconequus Longma] - 3 Slots Left

*CLOSED* Auction: Natesh the Longza by SilverRomance

Cost: 30:points: Each

"Longza are Longmas who are born from a Dragon parent and a Draconequus parent, or a Longma parent and a Draconequus parent. Like Draconequus', a Longza has parts to them that resemble animals (and sometimes plants) other than just ponies and dragons, they can have parts of anything from Ants to Zebras. These parts are sometimes determined by what Longma traits the Longza has, for instance if they have the trait for claws, they may have a Dragon leg along with a clawed Wolf leg in the front, or if they have the trait for a dragonic tail, they may have the tail of any type of Lizard. Longza generally have more instances of reptiles in their appearance than more conventional Draconequus'. Due to them being part Draconequus, a Longza's one magical trait is usually something mischievous and chaotic that relates to their talents. Even if they don't have any type of horn, they will still have one magical trait due to their heritage, this one trait on a hornless Longza will always be a chaotic one. If they have more than one type of horn, they will have as many magical traits as types of horns they have, for instance if they have one deer horn and one dragon horn, that equals two magical traits plus their default trait for being a Longza, that would make three in total. Along with that, all Longza are able to teleport from place to place from birth, which is something that doesn't count towards their number of magical traits, it's just a natural thing. Longza do not get Cutie Marks due to being part Draconequus. Longza can generally only be pony shaped in body structure however some may be taller or lankier."

You can find examples of Longza here;…

What Traits Can I Use In My MYO Longza?

-All Longma Traits
-All Draconequus Traits
-Traits from pretty much any animal. (As long as it still has enough Longma like traits for its generation.)
-Up to four kinds of horns. (Giving up to four magical spells as well as the one that they are born with, making five total.)
-Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn type Longza. (Longmiza, Longyiza, and Longxiza respectively. Unicorn and Alicorn would have a unicorn horn, and Pegasus and Alicorn would have at least one Pegasus wing, or a hybrid Pegasus wing with dragonic features.)
-Zebra, Bat, and Crystal type Longdza, with any mixture of the above three. (Zebza, Longzabat, and Longshuza respectively.)

What Can I Do With My MYO Longza?

-Draw it.
-Write about it.
-Breed it.
-Sell it.
-Give it away.
-Pretty much anything. XD

MYO Slots

1: lightheumbreon
2: RicePoison
3: Adoptables-Hoe
4: Adoptables-Hoe
5: MidnightSketches
6: Yura-Sin
7: Kittycare-Agency

A little more about me.

I am a collector of sorts, I adopt all kinds of MLP adoptables, sometimes normal species but more often than not I adopt fan species' that I find interesting. But I don't just collect them, I take them and I make them my own, I give them personality, I make collabs with them so others can interact with them, and I breed them (if they aren't a closed species) so I can get even more interesting ponies to love. My OCs are like my children, I care for each and every one of them no matter how strange they may look. I still have a ton of adopted ponies to draw with ideas for each of them, so if it takes me a little while to draw a pony I adopted from you, don't worry because I will be drawing and giving a bio to each and every single one of them.

I have met so many people here on dA and am thankful to have each and every one of them as my friends. I am also very thankful to each person who takes the time to click the Watch button, or comment/favorite on one of my images! I love meeting new people and speaking with my watchers so feel free to drop me a comment or note to say hi, I don't bite! Well, I do bite occasionally but only trolls and immature brats who try to dictate to me what I can and can't do with my characters. I treat people as they treat me, if you're nice to me I'll be nice back, if you're mean or condescending, that's how I'll treat you in return. And I am not afraid to block people if I have to, if all you do is post nonconstructive hateful dribble comments on my work, you will be blocked, but not before I have a little fun with you first! I respect honesty when it's given politely. If you don't like one of my characters or artworks I'm not forcing you to, if you'd like to express that dislike, do so politely! None of that 'omg mai eyez' bull.

Obligatory Comment Box Disclaimer

:bulletblack: Please do not ask for WIPs, I most likely do not have one. And please do not ask when a commission of yours will be done. I'm not good at giving time estimates.
:bulletblack: Please also don't comment here asking if I saw a comment or note from you. I most likely did and haven't gotten a chance to reply yet.
:bulletblack: Use my commission journal to ask for a commission, asking for a commission anywhere else will be ignored.
:bulletblack: Do not beg me for points.
:bulletblack: At this time I don't have an estimate as to when commissions will be open again.
:bulletblack: For those who came here to thank me for a watch or favorite, YOU'RE WELCOME!


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