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October 30, 2013
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*CLOSED* [Hallow Auction] Arpex/Aima the Aquarians by SilverRomance *CLOSED* [Hallow Auction] Arpex/Aima the Aquarians by SilverRomance
Auction 1: Arpax the Longhai

Winner: :devqueen-sombrea: with 50:points:

Auction 2: Aima the Longhai

Winner ~Hollowolfpup with 30:points:


The last of the Halloween Auctions! It might be kinda late to post this but, I don't care. I'll know not to this many auctions next time! X3

These aren't so much Halloween themed as they are 'Tainted' Aquarians which are created in toxic conditions, either from a normal Aquarian drifting into toxic water, or an Aquarian being born in toxic waters. I drew and colored the first, and Raver drew the second, while I colored it. :3


To read more about the Aqurians, read the information on this previous auction. ^-^…

The gift given my Mariana can also be a curse. If a Aquarian is born in waters polluted with toxins or oils, it may be born corrupt, it's watery mane dark and dingey instead of beautiful blue. This may also be the case if one or both of the parents have a dark temperament, even if they are in the cleanest of waters, for they are susceptible to strong emotion.

Arpax was once a normal Longhai, his job being to monitor the sharks. He would make sure they didn't eat too many fish, so they could keep all aquatic species thriving. Being a Longhai, he was perfect for this job, for if the sharks decided to attack him or try to eat more fish than they should, he could hold his own in an attack, and would be able to subdue them to calm them down. One day however there was an accident, a large oil rig near where he lived to the West of Equestria had a large spill, and he was caught up in it. He was not killed, but his flowing blue mane turned black, and he turned from a sentient being to a completely feral beast. He became most like the Aquatic creatures he resembled, the shark. He began to eat way more fish than allowed, and much more than most Longhai usually do, bigger and stronger prey. As his mane is made of oil, he often floats closer to the surface than normal, seeing as it is easier on him to do so.

Aima was born the way she is, rather than created by venturing into toxic waters. A Sea Serpent fell in love with a normal pony, and for a time she shared his feelings to the most minimal degree, he would give her pearls and beautiful treasures he found in the sea. She would of course take them without hesitation, but little did the Serpent know that she was actually married. One day the married couple decided to take a trip across the sea by boat, though the wife was hesitant for she knew if the Serpent were to find out she was married he would not be happy, but knowing she also couldn't tell her husband of the Serpent, she had to go along with him. Her worry was not misplaced, for when the Serpent sensed her presence at sea, he swam right up to the boat, startling the other passengers. His 'love' stepped forward, telling him of the situation, how she had been leading him on, hoping if she told the truth, he would go easy on her. But this was a Sea Dragon she was dealing with, a full grown one at that, she should have known that a Dragon does not like what they own (or think they own) taken from them. The large Serpent turned feral, attacking the boat and tearing all of the passengers to shreds, including his former love. The blood of the many passengers ran from his mouth to the water, and when he was finished his work, he slank back under water, leaving only the patch of blood where he once was. This is where Aima was created, from the only renascence of the love between the Serpent and the mare. Her mane is made from that very blood, it flows like it once flowed within the veins of the ponies it use to belong to. Aima wonders the ocean aimlessly, she has no set purpose like the normal Aquarians, for she was born of blood and not water. She leaves a red trail in her wake wherever she swims.



1) Please bid as a reply to the comment below that says BID HERE. Please do not reply to anyone elses bids because if you do I won't see them. If you are outbid, I will reply to your comment to let you know.
2) Aquarians cannot breed.
3) The winners may NOT resell their Aquarians. If you want to give it up, you must tell me and we'll decide on something.
4) If you win one, please use her! Don't buy it if you don't plan on using it, Raver worked really hard on these so they shouldn't go to waste.
5) Please don't change them if you win.
6) Aquarians are a CLOSED species, and are owned by :iconraver1357:. Only he and I are permitted to make them.

The winner of each auction will receive: The Aquarian's fullsized unwatermarked image and the rights to use them.

And that's all you need to know! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or note me.
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Hollowolfpup Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
I will be i'm sure |3 I have a fair amount of points, but i'm sure the person i'm going against has much, much more |3 
we shall see what it raises to when I get back on Friday
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