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Pele Pony MYO Contest [Date Extended]
Hello there! Welcome to the first monthly Pele Pony MYO contest. SilverRomance and I agreed that it would be a good way for them to grow and gain love, and they will begin on the 20th of every month. This one is a bit late, so we apologize. 
The end date here is July 14th, 2016, 11:59 PM EST. Judging will be done within the following week and winners will be announced ASAP.
(Date subject to change depending on participation.)
So before anything, here is the species guide:


:. .:RULES:. .:
-You must credit SilverRomance and I for the species when uploading your Pele, as well as if you use a base the maker must be credited too.
-Co-owned designs are allowed, or gift designs. See below on how to properly tell us on if it is either.
-Do NOT use anything other than the traits specified. You may find those below, bolded and underlined.
-Don't copy another design or entry. Y
:iconlucifiricnight:LucifiricNight 12 12
Collab8 by Kaori-Warbird Collab8 :iconkaori-warbird:Kaori-Warbird 2 2 Collab7 by Kaori-Warbird Collab7 :iconkaori-warbird:Kaori-Warbird 1 2 Yay For Freaks (collab with silverromance) by KitCatKombo Yay For Freaks (collab with silverromance) :iconkitcatkombo:KitCatKombo 2 2 Dragon Fruit X Lovebug OPEN TO PUBLIC by Hollowolfpup Dragon Fruit X Lovebug OPEN TO PUBLIC :iconhollowolfpup:Hollowolfpup 4 25 Pele Ponies [CS Reference] by LucifiricNight Pele Ponies [CS Reference] :iconlucifiricnight:LucifiricNight 27 20 LovebugxQuartzapplexSandstorm adopts(open) by NeVerDark1211 LovebugxQuartzapplexSandstorm adopts(open) :iconneverdark1211:NeVerDark1211 10 28 Pony Kombat New Blood 8 Round 1, Battle 5 by Mr-Kennedy92 Pony Kombat New Blood 8 Round 1, Battle 5 :iconmr-kennedy92:Mr-Kennedy92 5 31

I am Suga Momma. Also squids. And Black Butler. And GF.

Friends and Senpais

Friends and Senpais

There is a list of all of my best dA friends! I admire them all for their kindness, personality, and art skills, so be sure to check them out because they need loves~ <3



LucifiricNight IS MY HUSBANDO


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:bulletwhite: Lynn "Silver" Price / Female / Canada :bulletwhite:
Skype: silverromance8 (Lynn Price)
Amino: Silver Romance (Equestria) and Sterling Silver (Steven Universe)
NSFW Tumblr: silverromance
Pony Tumblr: silverromancespones
Reblog Tumblr: silverromancesreblogs
3DS FC: 0001-3821-9326

Dusk Journal Doll by Radioactivemantaray :COM: - Dusk Symphony Page Doll~ by SH0STAKOVlTCH
Hello there and welcome to my profile! I am Lynn Price, but you can call me Silver. I draw MLP art mostly, I have a number of pony OCs and I also draw customs and adoptable foals for people. I sometimes do pony anthros and very rarely humans, most of the time these will be NSFW, either having nakeds or bondagey things involved. I write a little, make fan buttons and more recently I've been trying my hand at MLP bases.

I am fortunate enough to have the best man in the world by my side, Raver1357. He has been there for me through my ups and downs, and is the entire world to me. He is funny and affectionate and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I don't know what I would ever do without him. You will occasionally see me post works made by him on my account, since his account is more for bondagey things rather than ponies, he uses my account as his pony posting account. He also makes a few smexy pony bases that are posted here as well.
Tiny Flamel by fluttershysocks
:PC: Jd Dusk Symphony by JELL-IES :COM: Silver Romance Page Doll~ by SH0STAKOVlTCH Silver Romance by wiccanchick726

~I Made a Ko-fi Page!~

Sun Feb 18, 2018, 9:38 PM

Hey there friends! After deliberating to myself and after seeing the results of the poll I posted, I decided I would make a Ko-fi page. <3

For those who don't know, Ko-Fi is a place where you can donate to artists that you like. It's called Ko-Fi because the base price for a donation is the price of a cup of coffee, though you can donate as much as you choose! <3

Do not feel obligated to donate to me or anything, I just figured it would be a nice little thing to have incase someone wants to, I've had people inquire about it in the past so I figure this would be a good thing to try. Any little bit of support means a ton to me! The link is below if you wanted to take a look! <3

Queen Mary has been bred quite a great deal over the years! But some of my favorites were done by QMA's designer herself, Starberry-T-Pony. I know not all of them have been used, some maybe have been forgotten and it's a shame because they are all so wonderful. Now that I am currently in possession of QMA, I'd love to find some of these babies and bring new life into them~

If you have a QMA child from one of Stawberry-T-Pony's breedings and no longer want them or have no plans to do anything with them, I would totally love to buy them from you for points! And if you don't want points, perhaps we could do a trade where I make you a custom foal between any two ponies. <3 I may even be down to buy babies from breedings with QMA or her relatives that Stawberry didn't do, if they tickle me fancy~

I would also love to buy any unwanted adopts that were gotten from me, like foals from breedings. Infact that's probably mostly what adopts I've done is foals. x3 Be they custom or from a sheet, I'd really love to have a crack at buying them back from you if you no longer want them. Some of my favorite designs I've made were done for other people. x3

And finally, if you have a pony from a breeding by anyone that included on of my foals that you no longer want or have up for sale, let me know! If they tickle my fancy I might get them too~
Edit; Whoa-a-a now. I've seen some fighting in the comments of entries over foals. If I hear of this happening again I will not hesitate to ban these people from getting foals born of my ponies. Don't think I can? This isn't some species, these are literally my characters and if I don't want someone to own one of their offspring, just frickin watch me. It takes no sweat off my back to note every single person who owns a pony related to mine and tell them not to sell to you. I do not tolerate this sort of petty bull on something that is suppose to be FUN but instead an entrant was made to feel uncomfortable for no good reason.

You wanted it. And now it's here. A few days later than I wanted, but it's here none the less. 4 days late is pretty good for me, be proud. Queen Mary has made her appearance once again, and she's ready, willing, and able. But why not make it a family affair? Hypnotica, Caissa, and Buttscratch are all here too and ready for some fun!

What am I talking about you ask? Well, it's time for another Breeding Contest! Lets show those pitiful trolls how wonderful a wacky character like this can be! They don't have to be a joke character, they can be loved all the same no matter their appearance. Your job for this contest will be to do a breeding between one of these for wacky ponies and any OC of yours that you choose, or even a canon character or friends OC (with permission from them). Heck I'll throw my own ponies in the fray too, just ask if there's any that tickle your fancy and I'll letcha breed them too! Even if you don't win, you'll still get something out of it seeing as you'll get points from the foals that you sell! I will be buying at least one foal from every breeding, all I ask is that I get second pick after you. <3

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a foal reserve for this one like I did with previous ones. If you'd like me to make a foal reserve just let me know and if there is enough call for it I'll do it!

And now without farther ado, the ponies!

Queen Mary Awesomesauce the Alicorn Hybrid

OC Ref: Queen Mary Awesomesauce the Alicorn Hybrid by SilverRomance

A Queen with the DNA of many species. She has no parents but is mother and grandmother to many. Be sure you know lineages before breeding her!

Princess Hypnotica the Longxizhushuwanshie

OC: Princess Hypnotica the Longxizhushuwanshie by SilverRomance

A Princess who is part Longma, Alicorn, Changeling, Crystal Pony, Forest Sprite and Plush Pony. One look into her eyes look into her eyes means a one way ticket to sleepy town.

Parents: Queen Mary Awesomesauce and Dusk Symphony the Longma

Princess Caissa the Longyizhuwanshie

OC Ref: Princess Caissa the Longyizhuwanshie by SilverRomance

A Princess who is part Longma, Pegasus, Changeling, Forest Sprite and Plush Pony. Don't let her looks for you, she is very smart, serious, and is killer at chess.

Parents: Queen Mary Awesomesauce and Smiley the Faceless Traditional Earth Pony
Grandparents: Acid Rain the Industrial Mutant and Chromia the the Earth Pony

(Prince) Buttscratch the Longza

OC Ref: Buttscratch the Longza by SilverRomance

A Prince who doesn't call himself as such, that is the offspring of Hypnotica and Discord, a match made in chaos! He likes to scratch butts.

Parents: Princess Hypnotica the Longxizhushuwanshie and Discord the Draconequus
Grandparents: Queen Mary Awesomesauce and Dusk Symphony the Longma

Ponies Without Refs by Me Yet

Prince Loki the Longzataur (Or maybe Draconetaur?)

Prince Loki by SilverRomance

The Prince of Mischief and Discords pick for next in line for the Chaos throne, much to the dismay to a few of Discords other children. Loki embodies everything Discord holds dear in that which is chaos, and Discord believes that he may even be able to surpass him. He is a proud papa.

Parents: Princess Hypnotica the Longxizhushuwanshie, Discord the Draconequus, and Tirek the Centaur
Grandparents: Queen Mary Awesomesauce and Dusk Symphony the Longma

Petrovich and Demikhov the Conjoined Longzhu

Petrovich and Demikhov by SilverRomance

What sort of experiment was performed on these two ponies? Were they born stuck together, or were they sewn together by some madman? However it happened, these two have a bond deeper than friendship, and seem to know what the other is thinking.

Parents: Princess Hypnotica the Longxizhushuwanshie and AllieOllie 's ChemTrails the Two Headed Changeling
Grandparents: Queen Mary Awesomesauce and Dusk Symphony the Longma

The Serpent King

The Serpent King and the Godfather by SilverRomance (#1)

This Naga is obsessed with crime and death, be he the cause or just a witness, rest assured that he is nearby, blending into the scene and observing with a great grin upon his face.

Parents: Queen Mary Awesomesauce and S0urPenis ' Doug the Naga

These are just a few of the QMA relatives you can breed with! You can find the rest in the link below~

Other QMA Relatives You May Use

Contest Ends

April 4th, @ 12am.


This contest will go a bit different than the previous ones! There are going to be three prizes;

Prize for Most Foals Made During the Contest

$10 or 1000:points:

Prize for Most Creative/Wacky/Unique Foals

$10 or 1000:points:

Prize for the Overall Fan Favorite Breeding

$10 or 1000:points:

If you plan to enter please fill out this form for each breeding you are planning! I need this so I can know how many points I should set aside. This does not need to be definite, filling out the form is not a commitment as you will not receive any points until the foals are made, if you cannot finish your entry that is perfectly okay, I just wish to have that amount of points set aside just in-case. ;w;

Breeding Contest Entry Form

Which of the ponies will you be breeding?:
Which pony will they be breeding with?:
-- If this pony has a lineage I'd love to know it!:
How much will the foals be?:


1: READ ALL OF THE RULES! If rules are broken within your entry you will be asked to change it.
2: You can breed these ponies with any of your OCs as long as they are not related. You could also the breedings with canon characters, or friends OCs if you have permission!
3: You may enter as many times as you wish and make as many foals as you wish!
4: No inbreeding! Do not breed my ponies with a pony or creature that is related to them. Be sure to read who the parents are of the pony before doing so. This applies even if you pony or creature was from a non-canon breeding, I still class that as inbreeding and would rather it not happen to my ponies. Keep in mind this means that each breeding can only include one of the ponies listed above since they are all releated to each other!
5: You may do the breeding with any pony species that allows breeding, be they canon or otherwise. If they are a fan species please be sure you have permission to breed it before doing so, and be sure to credit that fan species in your deviation. You do not need to ask for the breeding to include Longma or Plush ponies since I own those. You may also breed with non-pony species such as other MLP creatures or even non-MLP creatures.
6: I would like second pick in all of the breedings, with you, the breeder, having first pick. I will be paying for any foals that I'd love, I don't need to get them for free or anything. ^^ You can also make yourself a custom if you wish!
7: As soon as the foals are posted, you've picked yours and I've picked mine you are of course free to sell the other foals for any price you choose! Just please remember to leave the deviation with the children up until the winners are picked for the contest, if the deviation is gone I can't really pick it as a winner now can I? X3
8: This goes without saying, but no stealing artwork. If you use a base, credit it! That being said, bases are indeed allowed.
9: Leave your entry in the comments, don't reply to your own comment or I won't see it! Also, don't rely on mentions because they don't always work, you MUST post the link in a comment on this journal.
10: More rules may be coming because I always seem to forget some. X3
11: If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or note me!

Donated Breedable Ponies Who Are Not Related to the QMA Family

You are free to breed these ponies with any of the QMA family above if you wish! If the pony belongs to someone else other than me, be sure to give them a chance to purchase a foal as well! <3 If you wish to provide your pony for others to breed with the QMA family, feel free to let me know and give me their links to post here!

Did someone say friendship? by Fluffomaru Lelewat by zX-ShadowLugia111-Xz Midnight Dancer by Gaster-Story Pandora by Gaster-Story Princess Heart Beat by Gaster-Story Blood Loss by Gaster-Story Rain Burst by Gaster-Story Rainbow Leaf by Strawberry-T-Pony Fruit Bite by Strawberry-T-Pony Stained Glass by Strawberry-T-Pony Thorny Fluff by Strawberry-T-Pony Jewel Flyer by Gaster-Story Biff by Gaster-Story(Follow species info and give proper credit to Story--Story and Gaster-Story  for Biff)
OC Ref: Opiate the Zebra by SilverRomance OC Ref: Mako Triaki/DJ Shark B8 the Shark Pony by SilverRomance OC: Atrax the Mutated Traditional Pegasus by SilverRomance OC: Venom Lust the Longzhu by SilverRomance OC: Cinnamon Heart the Earth Pony by SilverRomance
And any of my babies that aren't related to them here;…

Completed Entries

BREEDING CONTEST ENTERY 1/????- QMAxHARMONY by King-Zoroark Princess Hypnotica x Nabi breeding foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 [CONTEST ENTRY] QMA x Nitro Blaze [CLOSED] by RoseRooibos Contest entry breedable CLOSED by Fluffomaru BREEDING CONTEST ENTERY 2/????- HYPNOTICAxHARMONY by King-Zoroark COLORS INCARNATE: 2/6 Open by Dottybobbles [CE] Hypnotica X Aquifer - CLOSED Pt 1/??? by S0urPenis [CE] Hypnotica X Aquifer - OPEN Pt 2/??? by S0urPenis hypnotica x inky dunes foals (3/10 OPEN) by cela08 Hypnotica X ChemTrails {BREED ADOPTS} {closed} by AllieOllie ThE EdGeLoRd by AllieOllie NAC x caissa foals (1/4 OPEN) by cela08 SacredStorm x Princess Hypnotica foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 Mason x Buttscratch Breed Results OPEN by MeltedAura [CE] QMA X Doug - CLOSED by S0urPenis [CE] Loki X Julian - The Freak Show - OPEN by S0urPenis [CE] Buttscratch x Bluejay [OPEN] by RoseRooibos BREEDING CONTEST ENTERY 3/????-BUTT SCRATCxHARMONY by King-Zoroark [Contest Entry] QMA x Gloomy  [CLOSED] by CookieK17 Dionysus x Queen Mary breeding foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 Vera x Princess Caissa Breed Results by MeltedAura Breach x QMA Breed Results by MeltedAura QMA x Blossom Spring breeding foals - Open by S-aiitoChan BREEDING CONTEST ENTERY 4/????-CAISSAxHARMONY by King-Zoroark Princess Caissa X Crimson Breeding Foals (closed) by NeVerDark1211 QMA X CupcakeSwirl (OPEN) by Saphire-Stables Monster Babes (Contest Entry #1) by Red-Draws Buttscratch X Alexia Breeding Foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 Buttscratch X Baphomet Breeding Foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 QMA Breeding | 1/6 OPEN | Astral x Hypnotica by Cynical-Sushi Princess Caissa X Queen Mab Breeding Foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 BREEDING CONTEST ENTERY 5/????-WINTER BREEZEXQMA by King-Zoroark breedcon~ QMAchief babies OTA by nutchildzamior Princess Caissa X Cerberus Foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 Buttscratch X Nue Foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 Loki x Un-Named Breeding Results (089) by MeltedAura RedBubble x PlushDoll foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 BlindLight x Satan foals(open) by NeVerDark1211 QMA x NEO Decalogs breeding foals - Open by S-aiitoChan


I feel miserable. If you can, comment jokes or memes or just anything that you think could make me smile.
Okay I'm going to designate Sundays as "Clean Up Day". I'm going to go through my messages and get stuff answered, I'm also hoping to update stuff in the Faceless and Aqua groups, and then maybe clean up my computer a tad.
I might need to take a mental health hiatus very soon. My mind keeps falling into bad places and I feel like I'm being purposely undermined by people I cared about over things that are very important to me and it's breaking me. Over the next few days I'll try to get all of these messages cleared and figure it out from there. I could just be having an emotional time of the month but I just can't deal with anything the way I should right now.
I am hoping to reply to comments and notes tomorrow. It's been a busy week with a weird work schedule and I've barely been able to get to my computer. I'm currently at my grandmothers who doesn't have Internet on just my little phone. X3 There's a storm on its way here so I'm going to shovel her out in the morning.

Beep boop it's a raffle! 


SilverRomance has started a donation pool!
21,666 / 10,000
Buy Me a Coffee at
Point Commission: Silver Romance mini-journal doll by LPS100 Point Commission: Sergeant Hammer mini-j. doll by LPS100

Current Avatar By pastromy

Foals To Do List:…
Breeding Pool Raffle List:…

My to-do list is at the bottom of my page in a custom widget. Look there before asking where you are on the list!

Commissions can be payed for here, or with the Give option at the top of the page.

Currently Open Foal Reserves


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My Gubby Love

You Are Everything To Me


Excuse me if I right all my wrongs,
Excuse me if I give up on being strong,
I've been running blind weighed down by denial,
Still you were always there right beside me.

Never thought I'd have someone like you,
Never thought you'd be the one to save me,
Now I'm ready to believe,
You always say I'm worthy,
And finally I can say I agree.

How I tried to defy,
What you gave I denied,
Must admit I've been such a fool,
Now you're all I need.

And I never thought I'd have someone like you,
Never thought you'd be the one to save me,
Now I'm ready to believe,
You always say I'm worthy,
And finally I can say I agree.

--RAM & Susana - Someone Like You

Raver's Stuff: Techne the Unicorn by SilverRomance OC Ref: Revekka the Unicorn by SilverRomance

A little more about me.

Duncan {Commission} by AllieOllie
I am a collector of sorts, I adopt all kinds of MLP adoptables, sometimes normal species but more often than not I adopt fan species' that I find interesting. But I don't just collect them, I take them and I make them my own, I give them personality, I make collabs with them so others can interact with them, and I breed them (if they aren't a closed species) so I can get even more interesting ponies to love. My OCs are like my children, I care for each and every one of them no matter how strange they may look. I still have a ton of adopted ponies to draw with ideas for each of them, so if it takes me a little while to draw a pony I adopted from you, don't worry because I will be drawing and giving a bio to each and every single one of them.

I have met so many people here on dA and am thankful to have each and every one of them as my friends. I am also very thankful to each person who takes the time to click the Watch button, or comment/favorite on one of my images! I love meeting new people and speaking with my watchers so feel free to drop me a comment or note to say hi, I don't bite! Well, I do bite occasionally but only trolls and immature brats who try to dictate to me what I can and can't do with my characters. I treat people as they treat me, if you're nice to me I'll be nice back, if you're mean or condescending, that's how I'll treat you in return. And I am not afraid to block people if I have to, if all you do is post nonconstructive hateful dribble comments on my work, you will be blocked, but not before I have a little fun with you first! I respect honesty when it's given politely. If you don't like one of my characters or artworks I'm not forcing you to, if you'd like to express that dislike, do so politely! None of that 'omg mai eyez' bull.

Obligatory Comment Box Disclaimer

:bulletblack: Please do not ask for WIPs, I most likely do not have one. And please do not ask when a commission of yours will be done. I'm not good at giving time estimates.
:bulletblack: Please also don't comment here asking if I saw a comment or note from you. I most likely did and haven't gotten a chance to reply yet.
:bulletblack: Use my commission journal to ask for a commission, asking for a commission anywhere else will be ignored.
:bulletblack: Do not beg me for points. Such comments will be reported as spam.
:bulletblack: At this time I don't have an estimate as to when commissions will be open again.
:bulletblack: For those who came here to thank me for a watch or favorite, YOU'RE WELCOME!


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